Met coke

Met Coke
Coke Type Fixed Carbon(Min) S:Max Ash :Max VM:Max Moi:Max Phosphorus:Max CRI:Max CSR:Min
Foundry   Coke BW-F1 90% 0.50% 8% 1.5% 5% 0.04% 25% 65%
BW-F2 88% 0.50% 10% 1.5% 6% 0.04% 26% 65%
BW-F3 86% 0.60% 12% 1.5% 8% 0.03% 28% 60%
Metallurgical Coke BW-M1 85% 0.75% 13% 1.5% 8% 0.04% 58% 75%
BW-M2 81% 0.80% 13% 1.5% 7% 0.04% 57% 74%

Bonway Group has access to high quality metallurgical coke from China.Bonway Group manages the entire supply chain – procurement ex-factory, on-road transportation, port handling, financing and storage. Our supplies are authenticated by independent assayers and the entire loading process is overseen by our inspectors at the loading regions.

One important consideration in selecting a coal blend is that it should not exert high coke oven wall pressure and should contract sufficiently to allow the coke to be pushed from the oven. The properties of coke and coke oven pushing performance are influenced by the following: coal quality, rank of coal, petrographic, chemical and rheologic characteristics of coal, particle size, moisture content, bulk density, weathering of coal, coking temperature and coking rate, soaking time, quenching practice, and coke handling. Coke quality variability is low if all these factors are controlled. The technical team at Bonway Group have proven experience at metallurgical coke manufacturing and are amongst the top producers in the coke producing regions around the world.

Properties of coke

BF coke has a porous, open morphology and in some cases it can appear glassy. It has hardly any volatile content (normally less than 1 %). However the ‘ash’ constituents, which has been the part of the original feed coal remains entrapped in the resultant coke. The bulk density of coke is typically around 0.78. High quality coke is characterized by a definite set of physical and chemical properties which can vary with in narrow limits. The coke properties can be grouped into two groups namely (i) physical properties, and (ii) chemical properties.

Physical properties

Measurement of physical properties aids in determining coke behavior both inside and outside the BF. The physical properties are given below.

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