Electrode Paste

Carbon Electrode Paste Specification
Ash content %   ≤ 4,0 6,0 7,0 9,0 11,0
Volatile content % 12,0-15,5 12,0-15,5 9,5-13,5 11,5-15,5 11,5-15,5
Bulk density g/cm3 1,38 1,38 1,38 1,38 1,38
Compressive strength MPa   ≥ 18 17 22 21 20
Resistivity µΩ·m     ≤ 65 75 80 85 90
Elongation % 15-20 15-20 15-30 15-40 15-40
Packing:  briquettes are loaded in bulk   or packed in big-bags; cylinders are steel strapped on wooden pallets   and can be covered with plastic foil.
The Electrode paste specification can be   customized according to customer’s unique furnace info.

Bonway Group carbon briquettes are the perfect solution for industries requiring reliable, high-density carbon materials. These briquettes are meticulously manufactured to provide consistent performance, making them suitable for applications in steel production, metallurgy, and more. With a focus on purity and durability, our carbon briquettes exceed industry standards.

·Purity and Consistency: Our carbon briquettes are known for their high purity and consistent quality, making them ideal for steelmaking and metallurgical processes.

·Reducing Agents:They serve as efficient reducing agents in high-temperature applications, aiding in the production of high-quality steel and alloys.

·Custom Shapes:We can manufacture carbon briquettes in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

·Reliability:Count on us for reliable and on-time delivery of carbon briquettes for your industrial processes.

·Quality Assurance:Rigorous quality control ensures that our carbon briquettes consistently meet industry standards.

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