About us

Bonway Industry Co., Limited was established in November 2009, located in Yulin City, the largest semi coke production area. In line with the cooperation concept of “sincere cooperation, harmonious development, mutual benefit and win-win”, we are mainly engaged in the production and sales of Semi coke, coal tar, Ferro Silicon,Mg Ingot and calcium carbide products.

At present, Bonway Company has formed a complete coal-coke – electricity – chemical integrated circular economy industry chain, with an annual output of 1.8 million tons of charcoal, an annual output of 300 thousand tons of calcium carbide production capacity and supporting 4×50MW gas generator set.

In 2023, we have produced 900,000 tons of semi coke, 200,000 tons of calcium carbide, and generate 1.53 billion KWH of electricity.

Standing at a new historical starting point, the energy company will adhere to the concept of scientific development, with the goal of transforming and upgrading high-quality development, planning the layout of 5-10 million tons/year of Semi coke and downstream fine chemical products, through careful design and reasonable organization, to achieve efficient and environmental protection of semi coke production, and high value-added utilization of semi coke and tailpipe fine chemical products. Further improve the conversion efficiency of coal, improve the industrial chain layout, and enhance the ability of enterprises to resist risks. After the completion of the project, it will rely on the brand advantages of Bonway Industry, with more full work enthusiasm and pragmatic work style, to create a domestic circular economy with distinctive characteristics of the outstanding coal chemical enterprise vision goal, strides forward!

Since 2016, Million tons of high-quality semi coke was shipped to Indonesia , which opens the era of Bonway Industry global expansion.

Bonway’s products have been present in the markets of Indonesia , India, Pakistan, Bhutan ,Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Oman.

Our high-quality semi coke is characterized by low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, high fixed carbon, and high mechanical strength, which is widely used in Ferrosilicon Ferronickel ,Ferrochrome and Steel plant etc.,

Recognized and loved by the majority of end users, widely used in ferroalloy production,

In order to better serve the international ferroalloys and Steel industry, we have integrated hundreds of representative domestic products in the ferroalloys industry in 2014. Xinjiang and Shanxi Shenmu Semi Coke /Gas coke, Ningxia Carbon Additives, Mongolia Misch Metal/Electrode paste and Shanxi Magnesium Ingot and other carbon products.

We sincerely invite global customers, if you have relevant needs, welcome to communicate with us and negotiate future cooperation!