Carbon Raiser

Calcined Anthracite Coal/Carbon Raiser
Coke Type Fixed Carbon(Min) S:Max Pho:Max Ash :Max VM:Max Moi:Max
Carbon Raiser BW-CB1 90% 0.35% 0.35% 8.5% 1.5% 0.5%
BW-CB2 91% 0.30% 0.30% 6.5% 1.5% 0.5%
BW-CB3 92% 0.30% 0.30% 5.5% 1.5% 0.5%
BW-CB4 93% 0.35% 0.25% 4.5% 1.5% 0.5%
BW-CB5 94% 0.30% 0.25% 3.5% 1.5% 0.5%

Carbon raiser/carbon additive is also known as gas calcined anthracite coal (GCA) or calcined anthracite coal. The main raw material used to make Carbon raiser is unique high quality anthracite, with characteristics of low ash and low sulfur. Carbon raiser has two main uses, as a fuel or as an additive. When being used as a carbon additive in Steel smelting or casting, fixed carbon above 95% can be achieved. It has been widely used in different industries like metallurgy, chemistry, electricity etc. The selection of carbon content is determined by quality requirements of the steel or ferroalloy production, as well as the cost effectiveness & availability of carbon products. It’s calorific value may reach 9386Kcal/Kg.

Bonway Group offers Carbon Raiser, a product designed to enhance the carbon content of various materials. With controlled particle size and excellent carbon content, our Carbon Raiser is used in steel production, cast iron manufacturing, and foundry operations. It helps improve the carbon balance of the final product, ensuring high quality and performance.

·High-Quality Material: Our Carbon Raiser is crafted from the finest carbon-rich materials available, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. It serves as an essential additive for industries requiring precise carbon content in their processes.

·Thermal Stability: Carbon Raiser exhibits remarkable thermal stability, making it a reliable choice for applications in high-temperature environments such as steel production and foundry operations. Its ability to maintain structural integrity in extreme heat is a key advantage.

·Electrical Conductivity:With excellent electrical conductivity, our Carbon Raiser plays a crucial role in various industrial applications, including electrical discharge machining and the manufacturing of carbon and graphite-based products. Its conductivity ensures consistent and reliable performance.

·Chemical Resistance:Carbon Raiser is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, which is vital for long-term durability even in the harshest chemical environments. This resistance extends the lifespan of equipment and components in which it’s used.

·Customization: We offer customization options for Carbon Raiser, allowing you to specify the carbon content, particle size, and other properties to meet your exact requirements. This flexibility ensures that our Carbon Raiser integrates seamlessly into your specific processes, optimizing your results.

Appearance: Black granules

Size: 1-5mm, 1-4mm, 0.5-3mm, 1-3mm at customer’s option

Packing: 25 or 50Kg bags or 1 Ton big bags or 1150Kg big bags

Supply Ability: 5000MT/month

Chemical Composition: Carbon raiser is available in the following different chemical composition depending on the customer requirements.

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